Last update 22nd July 2016

Malcolm: Pete Hobbs spoke with Malcolm’s wife Veronica this morning (22 July).

It is his birthday today and BRI are sending him home to die - unless, as Veronica says, he does his Lazarus trick again! 

He has a gadget attached to his stomach that pumps painkiller and an anti-nausea drug into him so he is in no pain and has stopped the constant retching that caused him to be taken into hospital some days ago.

He is very tired and has his eyes closed most of the time and he is not eating or drinking.

After further scans the medics are now unsure whether he has had a cerebral haemorrhage or if it is simply the cancer in the skull pressing on the brain - but it is really immaterial.

They are having a family birthday get together tomorrow - if he lasts that long.

News and ride reviews: Read about our ride to Shirenewton on 21st July which included the climb of Wentwood from Llanfair Discoed.

Fancy seeing a solar eclipse? Andy Short and Phil Warry are planning to visit Idaho for the 2017 total solar eclipse. The next opportunity is 21st August 2017, in a band right across the States. We plan to fly direct to Salt Lake City, hire a camper van and bikes, then clear off to Yellowstone and other wild areas for day rides over a 2-3 week period. Idaho looks to give the best chance of clear sky for the eclipse.

Anyone interested in joining us? We haven't any firm plans yet except travelling over. If you're interested, email Andy at

BTOTC Clothing: There has been quite a lot of
interest recently in getting a new BTOTC clothing order together. We need to order 10 items to get the
necessary discounts. If you are interested please would you look at the clothing web page and identify the items and size you want and send Phil an e-mail.

Semaine Federale 2016 Click here for more details of this week of bicycle touring held in France every year, including a transport option. 

Give us your best shot. Dont forget to share your adventures and pictures with your BTOTC colleagues. See Bill or Pete for advice. Have a look in photo gallery/best shot now.

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Bill Balchin.

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