Last update 20th January 2019

For Sale: A pair of Ultegra PD6800 pedals added on 20th Jan 2019.

News and Ride Reviews: Two groups rode to the Penscott Inn at Shipham on a blindingly sunny day on 17th January.

Thursday 24th Jan: Moira's ride to a new venue - the Red Lion at Arlingham from Amcor will necessarily be long, but also remarkably flat. You may need to consider car assistance.

Lunch pre-orders:

24 Jan: The Red Lion wants us to pre-order lunch. Touch here to see the menu and let Pete know your choice by 20 January. Touch here to check what you ordered.

31 Jan: The Apple Tree at Shoscombe wants us to pre-order lunch. Touch here to see the menu and let Pete know your choice by 27January. Touch here to check what you ordered.

7 Feb: The Salthouse at Clevedon wants us to pre-order lunch. Touch here to see the menu and let Pete know your choice by 3 February. Touch here to check what you ordered.

Local cycling maps: Andy Short will soon have a supply of free local cycle maps from Betterbybike: Bristol, North Somerset, South Glos. & Banes. Let him know if you'd like one, or touch here to see what's available.

Clothing: Phil still has one brand new size Large BTOTC winter jersey for £37. Anyone interested please contact or send phil an e-mail: Somebody has a pair of BTOTC shorts to collect (Mark).

Looking for a less energetic ride? Don't forget to check the BTOTC Facebook page each Wednesday to see if anyone is offering anything more leisurely. 

Bike box for hire - reminder: Andy has a box for transporting a bike for hire. Go to the For sale/Wanted page for details.

Bike recycling: Phil bought his second-hand fixie from Bike Back at Horfield prison. They need volunteers to work with prisoners to rebuild old bikes. Touch here for more details.

Facebook: BTOTC's Facebook page is here. Contact Andy Short at to join.

Give us your best shot. Dont forget to share your adventures and pictures with your BTOTC colleagues. See Bill or Pete for advice. Have a look in photo gallery/best shot now.

If you have any comments or ideas for content please let me know when I see you next.

Bill Balchin.


As the name suggests, we are a group of mostly (but not all) retired men and women with a shared passion for cycling. Click on the "What we do" button for where we go, how we do it and how it all started.

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