Last update 24th July 2014

News and rides reviews: Read the report on the July 24th ride to Shirenewton. And then read the item that follows!

Where should we start out rides to Wales? The possibility has been raised of starting our trips over the bridge from Severn Beach rather than the Severn Bridge.  This is because there is a train to Severn Beach from Bristol and beyond that arrives somewhat conveniently at about 5 to 10.  What do you think?  Pete and I will be canvassing opinions over the next few weeks.

Why sprinters are muscly and climbers are wiry: click here to see what the BBC has to say.

Guestbook: don't forget to check. New messages from John Bishop and Alan Bracey.

Possible Chepstow to Tintern cycle path:
Work is in progress to try to get planning permission passed for a cycle path between Chepstow and Tintern, using an old railway line. Click here if you want more information, and to sign a petition.
BTOTC clothing: Phil Hodgson has taken over the ordering from Ian Sparrow. For details see the new page (in the menu list to the left).

Cool shades:
  Rob Shiels has acquired a neat pair of cycling bifocal glasses following a tip from the Portsmouth CTC section. They come with a discrete bifocal reading section in strengths from +1.0,1.5, 2.0, 2.5 to +3.0. They are a good fit with wrap around arms and proved highly successful on today's Shoscombe ride. Cost for one pair was £15.48 but the price drops dramatically to around £10 for orders in excess of 3 pairs. Rob is happy to place a bulk buy for BTOTC members if there is sufficient interest. To check out the spectacles visit and look at the
bifocal range of Volt X glasses here
If you let Rob know what shade (dark clear or yellow) and what strength for the bifocal reading section he'll take it from there and come back with prices etc before ordering.
you're interested and know what shade and strength you'd like

Steve Hicks: Is looking for old wheel rims. Wonder why? Look on FOOC by clicking here.
Want to Bowl with a Bishop? see Guestbook

A request or two:
As the BTOTC is largely a bunch of old men it should come as no surprise that several of us either have or have had prostate cancer.  At least two of us now have advanced prostate cancer and past organiser Cyril Slocombe died from this disease.  There is a limited number of treatments for this condition and a few days ago NICE decided that one of these treatments, enzalutamide, should not be made available to men who have already received another treatment called abiraterone.  Within days of this decision the results of a major trial of enzalutamide were made public and these showed that the drug was very effective in slowing the growth of the cancer and on average gave men an extra 17 months of life. Prostate Cancer UK has organised a petition in an effort to persuade NICE to change their minds.  If you feel able to sign this petition you will find it here: 

You might also like to join the new Prostate Cancer UK campaign and thus gain the charity more support from sponsor Iceland. See here: for details
Many thanks,
Malcolm Hanson

Charity Calendar for 2015. The BTOTC have made charitable donations in the past to Southmead Urology department thanks to Den Harris and his DVDs. How about a calendar to continue the good work? Please send your best photos of what you think would work well on a calendar to Bill before November 2014 and John Crinion will get them made into a BTOTC calendar - IF he can find somewhere to produce them at a reasonable cost.

Give us your best shot. Dont forget to share your adventures and pictures with your BTOTC colleagues. See Bill or Pete for advice. Have a look in photo gallery/best shot now.

If you have any comments or ideas for content please let me know when I see you next.

Bill Balchin.


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